Aquashine BR Softfiller (1x2ml)




  • Aquashine BR Softfiller (1x2ml) is an anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating mesotherapy product using  bioactive ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, multi-vitamin and amino acids.

    Aquashine BR Softfiller (1x2ml) is a skin brightening gel which also reduces lines, whilst increasing elasticity.

    It can be used on the face, neck or decollete area, via injection through the depth of the Epidermal or Superficial to Mid Dermis skin layers. A recommended 3 sessions should be carried out at 4 week intervals.


    Hyaluronic acid (15mg/ml), 4 peptides, 24 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 8 minerals and a coenzyme

    What are the benefits of Aquashine BR?

    There are multiple benefits of Aquashine BR

    • Reduces wrinkles
    • Improves skin elasticity by generating new skin cells
    • Revitalises tired, dull skin by maximizing cell proliferation
    • Moisturises skin and tightens pores
    • Anti-pigmentation mesotherapy action


    The pack consists of:

    1 x 2ml syringe