Pluryal Mesoline Bodycontour (10x5ml)


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  • Mesoline® SLIM is a product created to help you reduce fat deposits thanks to the solvent-like properties of deoxycholic acid. mesoline® SLIM contains phosphatidylcholine that emulsifies the solid fat turning it into a fluid water-fat or oily water solution that is far easier to metabolise and flush out of the system. It is a safe alternative to liposuction.

    When should I consider this product?

    •  Localised fat deposits
    •  Lipomas

    Phosphatidylcholine 5% – naturally occurring in ever cell in our body, it is the ingredient responsible for melting the unwanted fat
    Deoxycholic Acid 2.4% – it is a binary acid, naturally occurring in human bile, acting as a solvent to emulsify the fats

    The product should be applied by a trained professional.

    What will happen after the treatment?
    Proven safe reduction of localised or generalised fat deposits.

    In the box you will find: 10 ready-to-use sterile 5ml vials of the product.